Document Re-Writer

Document Re-Writer (formerly AFP Re-Writer)

Our AFP Re-Writer is now the Timitoo Document Re-Writer, making it available to use for both AFP and PDF documents.  This a powerful batch post- composition tool to modify, split and merge, or create AFP/PDF data streams.

Quite often existing data streams require the removal and or replacement of portions of the document for privacy and compliance factors.  Another similar requirement when dealing with multi channel delivery, is the need to accommodate a color logo for online viewing, or a black and white version for printing.  These are both examples of how the Timitoo Document Re-Writer is a powerful game changing tool when it comes to building out your correspondence capabilities.

Typical Applications

Document Enhancements

When using the Rewriter, documents can be enhanced with information that was missing from the original document. These can be provided with an external data file, or can be retrieved from the index or other metadata. These enhancements include:

  • 1 of n Page numbering
  • Trans promotional messages
  • Digital inserts
  • Pre printed stock replication
  • QR codes for tracking
  • Barcodes for mail automation
  • Modified finishing controls, such as N-UP or similar

Archive Index

The Document Rewriter can split data streams into individual documents and extract the index content, as well as textual content. This allows to archive documents in existing archives with full text search capabilities.

Archive Retrieval

When retrieving documents from an archive it is often necessary to point out that the retrieved document is not an original.

In some cases it might also be necessary to redact information, since the document is transported through a different channel (email vs physical mail), or the document is passed to a different recipient that should not receive sensitive information.

Postal optimization

While documents are increasingly sent electronically, there is still a large volume of documents that need to be mailed. Postal savings can be achieved by sorting the documents by the page format, envelope sizes and most of all the postal zip code. Additionally documents can have an added barcode for the postal service, or for enveloping machines.

Enhanced output

Documents can be enhanced with dynamic charts, using the drawing engine of the Rewriter. The data for the graphics can be provided in metadata, or from the textual content.

Furthermore images can be exchanged for colorized to send documents electronically in color.

AFP Resource inventory

AFP Resources are typically limited to 8 character names and are not self explanatory. Nevertheless the content and metadata of these files can provide all of the necessary information about fonts, overlay and images, such as their font type, size and structure.

The AFP-Rewriter can build this information out of the resource library and provide this information in a readable format to other processes.

Benefits Overview

Add Value to your Documents

  • Trans Promotional Marketing messages
  • Digital Inserts
  • Pre-printed stock replication
  • Black and white to Color migration
  • QR Codes
  • Update and ad finishing Controls


Gain Postal Savings

  • Address cleansing and sorting
  • Intelligent Mail Barcode
  • Householding
  • N-up output for reduced mail piece weight


Maximize Efficiencies

  • Segment output
  • Add, replace or update barcodes
  • Optimize output for finishers, inserters and printers


Enhanced Productions ControlsNOP Remover

  • Supports ADF (Automated Document Factory), PDF (Portable Document Format) and JDF/JMF (Job Description Format/Job Management Format)
  • Job and piece level tracking
  • Support SLA monitoring systems


Increase Profitability

  • Support Compliance initiatives
  • Automate manual tasks
  • Change print data without host applications coding
  • Gain new business by supporting customer requirements

User Interface

The Rewriter is using standard non-proprietary JavaScript to drive the logic behind the manipulation of the data-stream. This script can be developed using a standard tool such as Visual Studio Code or other JavaScript Editors, or can be built using our web based User Interface.

Features & Functionality

  • Create files containing content descriptions and stats about the documents which support 3rd party archive systems and processes with accounting and tracking data
  • Assemble multiple PDF files that are listed in a CSV file, gather info from the fields and concatenate the PDF files into one output file
  • Concatenate individual AFP or PDF files into one large data stream for printing
  • Replace or Add Logos, forms, trans promo messages, watermarks
  • Commingle reports across different document types by concatenating/sorting into larger sets of output to max zip code saturation increasing postal discounts
  • Bring individual files into a new output sort order for optimized printing and postal discounts
  • 2-Up/N-Up – adjusts the layout of the output data so it is formatted in “N-up” fashion, where logical multiple sheets are arranged to print on one larger physical sheet
  • Address Cleansing and Sorting
  • Finishing Commands based on page numbers or indexed page content
  • Merge similar file info together in the processed output
  • Segment/Split – separate and name reports logically based on content enabling routing to the most logical output device
  • Replace color and black & white images
  • Remove and/or replace NOP Records
  • Remove and/or replace TLE Records
  • Remove Pages
  • Add Pages Dynamically based on content (example T&C’s)
  • Exchange FormDefs (Duplex / Simplex / N-Up)
  • Change / Remove Barcodes including standard conditional 1 D and 2D, Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB), OMR marks, and sequence numbers

Image Conversion Features

IN / OUT Compression IN FS10 FS10 FS10
Compression OUT -> v (No Compress) (G4 MMR) (IBM MMR)
BMP None X X X
JPEG (ISO/IEC 10918-1) X X X
PNG (All allowed combinations of
colour type and bit depth;
ISO/IEC 15948:2003)
TIFF (TIFF Revision 6.0) X X X
IOCA.FS4x (No Compression) X X X
IOCA.FS4x (JPEG / CMYK Adobe Style) X X X
IOCA.FS4x (JPEG / CMYK 4 Bands) X X X


OverviewSystem Requirements

The full and unlimited version of this tool allows to manipulate an AFP or PDF data stream according to rules provided. There is a wide range of rules, that allow to modify the data stream, including resorting, bundling and modifying the stream.

The Re-Writer runs on the following 64-bit Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7 & up
  • Apple
  • Redhat Linux
  • Suse Linux
  • AIX 7.1
  • Z/Linux (on request)

All Timitoo software is 64 bit.

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