AFP Rewriter

AFP Re-Writer

The AFP Re-Writer is part of the AFP Tool kit and allows to modify an existing AFP Data stream, or multiple individual Data streams.

Often times an existing datastream needs portions removed, or replaced in order to accommodate a color logo for online viewing, or a black and white version for printing.

Individual files need to be streamed in one large stream, while maintaining the resource groups on the stream to allow individual files to print in a large batch stream.


Typical applications:

  • Replace logos
  • Concatenate individual AFP files into one large data stream for printing
  • Bring individual files into a new output sort order for optimized printing and postal discounts
  • Replace color and black & white images
  • Remove and/or replace NOP Records
  • Remove and/or replace TLE Records
  • Remove Pages
  • Add Pages
  • Exchange FormDefs (Duplex / Siplex / N-Up)
  • Change / Remove Barcodes

Image Conversion Features


IN / OUT Compression IN FS10 FS10 FS10
Compression OUT -> v (No Compress) (G4 MMR) (IBM MMR)
JPEG (ISO/IEC 10918-1) X X X
PNG (All allowed combinations of
colour type and bit depth;
ISO/IEC 15948:2003)
TIFF (TIFF Revision 6.0) X X X
IOCA.FS4x (No Compression) X X X
IOCA.FS4x (JPEG / CMYK Adobe Style) X X X
IOCA.FS4x (JPEG / CMYK 4 Bands) X X X


OverviewSystem Requirements

The full and unlimited version of this tool allows to manipulate an AFP data stream according to rules provided. There is a wide range of rules, that allow to modify the data stream, including resorting, bundling and modifying the stream.

The AFP Re-Writer runs on the following 64-bit Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7 & up
  • Apple
  • Redhat Linux
  • Suse Linux
  • AIX 7.1
  • Z/Linux (on request)

All Timitoo software is 64 bit.

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