AFP Tools

The Timitoo suite of AFP Tools is a fully equiped tool set for all your AFP needs.  Convert, manipulate, analyze or manage all AFP document files with ease using our self service portal.  Whether you have only a few AFP files to convert or thousands, our portal can accomodate.  Pay per document, per tool or  subscribe to the portal for a low monthly fee for continued use.

AFP Inspector

The AFP-Inspector allows to list the content of the AFP-Document format, as well as, the content of resources.

AFP Resource Split

The AFP-Resource Split allows to extract the inlined resources from an AFP Datastream.

AFP NOP RemoverAFP 2 Text

The AFP-NOP Remover removes the NOP Records within an AFP-Datastream and optionally also extracts the information to an external file.

AFP Analyzer

The AFP-Analyzer provides the page count, page size and other useful information.