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Define your Correspondence Strategy


  • Consumer's correspondence demands are changing rapidly and legacy infrastructure typically struggles to keep up this same pace
  • All communication must be accessible anywhere, on any device, as well as, providing and maintaining individual data security
  • To remain competitive, companies must strive to improve the customer experience and make every communication valuable and targeted to that specific individual
  • As organizations grow, customer preferences like language and correspondence delivery method are hard to track, and harder still to store and integrate into your existing backend systems.


  • The Timitoo CCM Platform is the first of its kind based wholly on HTML 5, leveraging new technology versus adding new features on top of old antiquated technology
  • Comprised of a purely web-based interface for design of documents and control of processes, our platform is easy to deploy. Choose from a licensed on-premise, SAS on-premise, or cloud-based installation for increased scale-ability
  • Using document logic and dynamic data our platform generates a multitude of formats, such as HTML, AFPDS, PDF and more
  • Our fully equipped conversion tool suite enables users to manage legacy AFP documents with ease. Convert AFP to PDF, text, and archive formats for your output management lifecycle


  • Define your customers' experience by delivering customized communications in record time, with increased accuracy, using fewer internal resources
  • Our solution delivery options allow for the utmost in flexibility from a budget and time standpoint, be up and running on our platform in days versus months or years
  • Future proof your communication strategy, ensuring your communication platform will scale
  • Higher ROI through document pooling, reduced postage and less manual handling
  • Absolute flexibility in design capabilities with our truly responsive document format. Start with content and then define the rules for various media types versus designing static page layouts

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