C-AFP API Toolkit

AFP 2 Text

The Timitoo C-AFP-API Toolkit produces AFP documents with a direct programming interface from popular programming languages such as C, C++, Cobol and Go.   AFP 2 Text

The toolkit enables programmers to generate and output complex AFPDS datastreams directly out of application programs.

The toolkit can also be used as a replacement for the discontinued IBM AFP Toolbox.

Features Include:

  • Amazing ease of use at the programmer level
  • Perfect for programming complex, electronic, dynamic image or graphics and imbedded indexing
  • Platform Independent
  • Speed development and deployment times
  • Reduce cost of development


The Timitoo C-AFP-API Toolkit is a much needed and very helpful tool for developers of AFP.  Our toolkit is a complete development system, provides a familiar, high-function interface to the AFP print data stream, an interface that is consistent across many server platforms. Developers who are consolidating electronic print formatting in a common subsystem across many applications, and require multi-platform support, will find the Timitoo C-AFP-API Toolbox a helpful tool.