AFP to IPDS Print Driver

The AFP to IPDS Printer Module drives a high speed production printer using a fully composed AFP Datastream:

  • Accepts fully composed AFP with in-lined or external Resources
  • Supports True Type Fonts, as well as standard AFP-Fonts
  • Connection via TCP/IP
  • Using the latest AFP Definition

Typical applications include:

  • Directly Drive high volume production printers
  • Full status on the print process
  • Page level tracking
OverviewSystem Requirements

The module converts fully composed AFP pages into a bidirectional IDPS datastream to drive high speed production printers.

The AFP to IPDS Module is available for the following 64-bit Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7 & up
  • Redhat Linux
  • Suse Linux

All Timitoo software is 64 bit.

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