Document Designer

The Timitoo Designer is a 100% web-based tool, which provides a modern interface allowing users to easily and rapidly configure fully composed files to be processed with specific digital output.  Our designer allows for easy, cost effective installation, with our local install only set up.

Using our designer, you can quickly configures the actions and parameters that govern exactly how fully composed files will be processed in order to deliver accessible outputs.

Re-useable Elements, Preview and test for all Processing Conditions 
  • Configure both batch and on demand production workflows
  • Configure proper indexing, for document accessibility, define reading order, add alternate text, identify building blocks and more to create Accessible PDF (WCAG 2.0 and PDF/UA) and/or Accessible HTML5 output
  • Create content containers that govern how HTML5 output will respond dynamically for viewing on various devices
  • Process fully composed documents such as PDF, AFP, PS, PCL, Metacode, etc.


End users have powerful easy-to-use tools at their fingertips to create business rules to convert transactional documents into accessible documents without changes to existing applications or the need for extensive programming support and expertise.


  • Graphical user interface to visually configure rules
  • Transactional to create accessible documents
  • Drop down menus, context sensitive help and documentation
  • Create test output from up to 100 pages of input, resulting in an Accessible PDF file.
  • Automatic conversion of all print resources and rendering commands.
  • Configure proper tagging, define reading order, identify artifacts, and more for the creation of compliant Accessible PDF.
  • Visualize the results of tags.
  • Edit the text-based configuration files with pop-up help and syntax checking

The Timitoo Designer delivers a highly flexible and intuitive way to design new application configurations or to update the configuration of existing applications without programming and IT involvement. Our Designer was specifically created to be used with the Timitoo Formatter, offered in a light and enterprise versions.  Extending powerful correspondence capabilities to small and large scale operations alike.