Timitoo Systems is now an XPlor Industry Partner

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Timitoo Systems has been recognized as an Xplor Industry Partner.  Xplor International, The Electronic Document Systems Association®, is a not-for-profit association for technology users and suppliers in the digital document industry. XPlor International recognizes key players in the correspondence and digital document industry, which provide solutions, as well as, updates and strategy content around the future of digital correspondence.  As an Industry Partner, Timitoo Systems brings many years of document knowledge to the members of the Xplor network.  Timitoo will continue to attend, sponsor and participate in Xplor events and trade shows.  All Industry Partner presentation and round table discussions will be accessible prior to the events.

Per the Xplor Partner Directory:

Timitoo Systems brings a fresh new approach to document management and correspondence. The platform is unlike anything else on the market today because it leverages new technology from the onset versus layering new technology on top of old. The flagship product, Formatterfox, is a truly innovative product to generate documents digitally, while maintaining strong support for traditional physical print media. Further completing the platform, are the conversion and transformation tools, which allow for managing legacy and existing data, integrating it into today’s environments. While the business itself is new, company founders have over 50+ years of combined experience in the industry, which influence the product suite and provide a strong customer focus on business requirements for future product strategy. The Timitoo platform is offered as an on-premise, cloud-base, or even an on-demand basis. Because of these delivery mechanisms, our solution is implemented in days versus months or years, and at a substantially lower cost than our competitors. The key benefit to our solution is the flexibility in design, giving users the ability to create dynamically complex communications with ease.

~Stay posted for articles, technical briefings and industry trends submitted by Timitoo and featured on Xplor.com.

Timitoo Systems is now an XPlor Industry Partner
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Timitoo Systems is now an XPlor Industry Partner
Timitoo Systems is now an XPlor Industry Partner
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